Dewa Athena

Hello peeps!! Today I would like to tell you about sport competition in my school.

     Dewa Athena is sport competition in 3 Senior High School. This event held at Saturday,25 of March 2017 at Bali Field. The competitors from 10 grader must arrived at Bali field at 07.00 for an opening ceremony. The opening ceremony took about 30 minutes, after the opening ceremony finished, the competition begin. Every class should have each jersey. My class have jersey with grey and pink colour. The first match for my class X Science 4 is , relay. Unfortunally my class is lose from X Science 7.

    After relay, the second match for my class is "gobak sodor". Gobak sodor is traditional games from Indonesia. My class versus with X acceleration. I took a part on this game with 9 of my friends. In this competition first we become attacker. Abinaya was won in this game because he can attack defense of X acceleration. Because Abinaya can attack defense of X acceleration and X acceleration …

The Crossword

Hello! Today my friend and I make some crossword. You can click picture for zoom it. We hope you enjoy this game

Across: 1.Animal that can guard house from thief 2.Task from teacher after school 3.Occupation of performing in plays movies, or television production 4.The thing that girls hate 5.Colour of club football Machester United 6.A beautifull animal can fly 7.Veteran Administration 8.Talk show in Trans tv is Doctor.... 9.Pisa tower located in... 10.Romantic city in the world 11.Activity that we can get money from this activity 12. Tool from doraemon, and we can fly with this thing

Learn From Nature

Nature is everything that we eat in there, and we find water for drink in there. From nature we learn about small things in nature is important. Why? Because small things in nature is important for ecological cycle and for human being. We are is interdependent. Especially for human. Human need each other for they life. Human can’t life independent for defend they life. Human can’t life without nature, nature give us medicine, fresh water,  health, pollination, pest control, and many more. Nature always give human things that we need.             We learn from nature about good stuff always follows bad stuff. Nature teaches us that bad stuff is inevitable, but it is inevitability followed something lovely. Nature also doesn’t hurry. When we spend time in forest or sea, we can see that bird fly as fast as they want and feel, fish swim in sea that they want, and plants just doing what plants do for example is photosynthesis for their life or maybe supply an oxygen for human life. From r…

My New Year Holiday

Last holiday my family and I went to Tanggerang and Jakarta. Before that, I spent my first week holiday for took some short semester in mathematics lesson. I felt very bored because before I went to holiday I must lesson mathematics for three days. Short semester began on  27,28 and 30 December. In 30 December I do some short semester test.
          After short semester is finished, my family and I decided for went to Tanggerang. In Tanggerang we visited my uncle and my aunt. We were there for three days. From Bandung to Tanggerang  spent time 4 hours by car. In BSD city I had many impressive experiences with my cousins. We played together because long time not see with them.
         First place we visited in Tanggerang is AEON Mall. AEON Mall is mall with Japan style. In AEON Mall many Japan restaurant. My family and I ate in Kushiya Monogatari restaurant Japan, We ate sushi and fried skewers. We very like it. After that, we went to Tokugawa in AEON Mall. I heard okonomiy…


Hydroponicsis a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Terrestrial plants may be grown with only their roots exposed to the mineral solution, or the roots may be supported by an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel.In this time we used rockwool ‘ Tools and Materials: RockwoolLiquid nutritionNetSeedsMeasuring glassMediaWaterPaper
Steps: 1.Cut rockwool into 2 cm x 2 cm 2.Put it in the media and soak with water 3.Drain without squeezing it 4.Make a hole with tooth pick 5.Insert the seeds 6.Close the media with paper one day until the new plant come 7.Insert the rockwool into the net 8.Wait until the new plant grow So, here is the link for our video
link video :

Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24,1955 in San Fransisco California. His unwed biological parents, Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali put him for adoption and Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs a lower middle class couple. Steve Jobs was an American businessman, inventor, and industrial designer. He was the co-founder,chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc ; CEO and majority shareholder of Disney Pixar ; founder chairman and CEO of NeXT Inc.


Steve Jobs adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs. As a result, young Steve Jobs grew up in a neighborhood of engineers working on electronics and other gizmos in their garages on weekends. At age 13, he met one the most important persons in his life, 18 year old Stephen Wozniak, an electronics wiz kid, and like Steve, an incorrigible prankster.
when Steve Jobs reached college age, he told his parents he wanted to enroll in Reed College an expensive liberal arts college up in Oregon. Even though the tuition fees were astronomical for th…

Little Red Riding Hood

Hello everyone,
I want explain you a short story about Little Red Riding Hood

          Once upon a time there was a very beautiful blond girl who lived in a village near the forest with her mother. One day her grandmother gave her a very nice red riding cloak, that is why everybody in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood.  One day…

Mother called little red riding hood "Darling...." , Little red riding hood answered "Yes mother did you called me?"
Mother : "Yes, darling. Your grandmother is very sick. I want you to go to her house and take her                        this little basket with some bread and honey."

Little Red Riding Hood : "Yes mother"
Mother : "But don´t stop in the forest, and don´t talk to stranger. Do as I say, and get soon to your grandmother´s house."
Little Red Riding Hood : "Yes Mother"

         And Little Red Riding Hood went through the forest with the little basket for her grandmother who l…